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Maine Free Printable Income Tax Forms 2018 Maine Printable Income Tax Forms 62 PDFS

Maine has a state income tax that ranges between 5.80% and 7.15%. For your convenience, Tax-Brackets.org provides printable copies of 62 current personal income tax forms from the Maine Revenue Services. The current tax year is 2018, with tax returns due in April 2019. Most states will release updated tax forms between January and April.

Form Code Form Name  

Income Tax Instructions


Form 1040-ME Instructions

Get Income Tax Instructions

Form 1040ME


1040ME Income Tax Return

Tax Return
Get Form 1040ME

Schedule 1


Income Modifications / Pension Income Deduction Worksheet

Get Schedule 1

Schedule PTFC


Schedule PTFC property tax fairness credit

Tax Credit
Get Schedule PTFC

Schedule NR


Apportionment for nonresidents and part-year residents

Get Schedule NR

Form 1040EXT-ME


Extension Payment Voucher

Get Form 1040EXT-ME

Schedule A


Adjustments to tax

Get Schedule A

Schedule CP


Voluntary contributions and park pass purchases

Get Schedule CP

Form 2210ME


Underpayment of estimated tax

Get Form 2210ME

Worksheets A - B


Residency information and income allocation for nononresidents and part-year residents

Get Worksheets A - B

Schedule 2


Itemized Deductions

Get Schedule 2

Schedule 1-Wkst


Income Modifications - Other Additions

Get Schedule 1-Wkst

Form 15 EOTC


Credit for Educational Opportunity - Individuals

Tax Credit
Get Form 15 EOTC

Form 1040 Schedule A


adjustments to tax/child care credit worksheet

Tax Credit
Get Form 1040 Schedule A

Schedule NRH


Apportionment for married person electing to file single

Get Schedule NRH

Schedule 1-Wkst-Line 2k


Income Modifications - Other Subtractions

Get Schedule 1-Wkst-Line 2k

Worksheet C


Employee apportionment

Get Worksheet C

Form 1040ME, Schedule A, Line 16


Minimum Tax Credit Worksheet

Tax Credit
Get Form 1040ME, Schedule A, Line 16

Schedule B


Minimum Tax Worksheet for Schedule B

Get Schedule B

Worksheet Form 2210ME


Annualized Income Installment Worksheet for Form 2210ME

Get Worksheet Form 2210ME

You may also want to visit the Federal income tax forms page to print any IRS forms you need for filing your Federal Income Tax Return in April.

Here are two mailing addresses provided by the Maine Revenue Services for filing the tax forms provided on this page:

Income Tax Return (No Payment)
Maine Revenue Services
P.O. Box 1066
Augusta, ME 04332-1066
Income Tax Return (Payment Enclosed)
Maine Revenue Services
P.O. Box 1067
Augusta, ME 04332-1067

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