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Wisconsin Free Printable Income Tax Forms 2017 Wisconsin Printable Income Tax Forms 89 PDFS

Wisconsin has a state income tax that ranges between 4.00% and 7.65%. For your convenience, Tax-Brackets.org provides printable copies of 89 current personal income tax forms from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. The current tax year is 2017, with tax returns due in April 2018. Most states will release updated tax forms between January and April.

Form Code Form Name  

Form 1A


Income Tax Return (Short Form)

Tax Return
Get Form 1A e-File with TurboTax

Form 1


Income Tax Return (Long Form)

Tax Return
Get Form 1 e-File with TurboTax

Income Tax Instructions


Wisconsin Form 1A and 1Z Instructional Booklet

Get Income Tax Instructions e-File with TurboTax

Form WI-Z


Income Tax Return (Easy Form)

Tax Return
Get Form WI-Z e-File with TurboTax

Schedule WD


Capital Gains and Losses

Get Schedule WD e-File with TurboTax

Form 1NPR


Nonresident and Part-year Resident Income Tax Return

Get Form 1NPR e-File with TurboTax

Form 1-ES


Estimated Income Tax Voucher

Get Form 1-ES e-File with TurboTax

Form 1NPR Instructions


Non and Part Year Resident Tax Instructions

Get Form 1NPR Instructions e-File with TurboTax

Form W-RA


Required Attachments for Electronic Filing

Get Form W-RA e-File with TurboTax

Schedule CS


College Savings Accounts (Edvest and Tomorrow's Scholar)

Get Schedule CS e-File with TurboTax

Schedule PS


Private School Tuition

Get Schedule PS e-File with TurboTax

Schedule U


Underpayment of Estimated Tax By Individuals and Fiduciaries

Get Schedule U e-File with TurboTax

Form 1-ES Instructions


Estimated Income Tax Instructions

Get Form 1-ES Instructions e-File with TurboTax

Form A-115


Prepayment Voucher

Get Form A-115 e-File with TurboTax

Schedule AR


Explanation of Amended Return

Get Schedule AR e-File with TurboTax

Form PW-1


Wisconsin Nonresident Income or Franchise Tax Withholding on Pass-Through Entity Income | Instructions

Get Form PW-1 e-File with TurboTax

Form 804


Claim for Decedent's Wisconsin Income Tax Refund

Get Form 804 e-File with TurboTax

Schedule OS


Credit for Net Tax Paid to Another State

Tax Credit
Get Schedule OS e-File with TurboTax

Schedule I


Adjustments to Convert Federal Adjusted Gross Income and Itemized Deductions To The Amounts Allowable for Wisconsin

Get Schedule I e-File with TurboTax

Schedule CR


Other Credits

Tax Credit
Get Schedule CR e-File with TurboTax

Form P-706


Taxpayer Information Change Request

Get Form P-706 e-File with TurboTax

Form PW-2


Wisconsin Nonresident Partner, Member, Shareholder, or Beneficiary Withholding Exemption Affidavit

Get Form PW-2 e-File with TurboTax

Schedule 2440W


Disability Income Exclusion

Get Schedule 2440W e-File with TurboTax

Schedule CF


Carryforward of Unused Credits

Tax Credit
Get Schedule CF e-File with TurboTax

Schedule MT


Wisconsin Alternative Minimum Tax

Get Schedule MT e-File with TurboTax

Form 9b


Miscellaneous Income

Get Form 9b e-File with TurboTax

Schedule CG


Income Tax Deferral of Long-Term Capital Gain

Get Schedule CG e-File with TurboTax

Schedule CM


Community Rehabilitation Program Credit

Tax Credit
Get Schedule CM e-File with TurboTax

You may also want to visit the Federal income tax forms page to print any IRS forms you need for filing your Federal Income Tax Return in April.

Here are two mailing addresses provided by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue for filing the tax forms provided on this page:

Income Tax Returns (No Payment)
Wisconsin Department of Revenue
P.O. Box 59
Madison, WI 53785-0001
Income Tax Returns (Payment Enclosed)
Wisconsin Department of Revenue
P.O. Box 268
Madison, WI 53790-0001

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