Federal Married Filing Separately Income Tax Table Federal — Married Filing Separately Tax Brackets

Tax Bracket Tax Rate
$0.00+ 10%
$11,600.00+ 12%
$47,150.00+ 22%
$100,525.00+ 24%
$191,950.00+ 32%
$243,725.00+ 35%
$365,600.00+ 37%

What is the Married Filing Separately Income Tax Filing Type?

Married Filing Separately is the filing type used by taxpayers who are legally married, but decide not to file jointly using the Married Filing Jointly filing type.

There are a number of penalties associated with filing separately, including disqualification from many tax credits and deductions, and tax brackets that result in even higher taxes than an unmarried individual using the Single filing type.

Because of these limitations, in most cases it is a better choice for married couples to file jointly.

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